The Story

Every story has a beginning. Ours is a story of adventure and wanderlust. It is written on pages stained with sea water, that carry the soft fragrance of sandy earth, sun bleached lavender and freshly harvested grapes. It begins with a traveler, a soul searching for something more than ordinary. 

Our wines are wanderers just like us.

So, what is more than ordinary? Is it the taste of your lover’s lips? The sound of your child’s unabashed giggle? The sight of beams of dappled light, reaching down to you through a canopy of olive leaves? We would argue, all of the above. 

This is the world we vagabonds search for. The world where happiness is cultivated, where life is nothing less than inspiring, and where love lasts for eternity. 

We are dreamers and wanderers. We are explorers and mad scientists. We are artists, lovers, mothers, brothers, sons and daughters. And we all came together to write this story. What better way to tell it than through the most unique of sensory experiences? 

We know that taste can transcend time and space. And we know that a particularly good taste can make you dream of far off lands, make you feel like you are surrounded by family on a terrace overlooking miles of olive trees, sand and sun. It can make you forget your troubles, make you burn with passion for life and inspire you to greatness. 

Simply put, we want our wine to transport you to that place and time.  And we’re confident it will. 

We are unique, in that our blends change from year to year.

We believe in the power of the unique experience. After all, no two memories are ever quite the same.  And so, no two vintage years will ever be the same for us. We are unique, in that our blends change from year to year.

To achieve the magic of unique wine memory, we rely on an ever changing combination of grapes, year to year. Each bottle begins with a base of our estate grapes, and we let the land dictate what gets added each year. We mix and match, based on the best grapes grown each year in Italy, France and Mediterranean Europe. 

Our chief Vagabond believes in transparency above all else. As such, no Vagabondo wine will ever be handled in any other way than nature intended. The aroma, taste and sensory experience is completely unique, completely natural and never diluted by chemicals or additives. Only sulfur is added to the wine. 

We let our travels and our stories influence each mixture, each blend, each taste experience. Our wines are wanderers just like us. And we hope that they excite the part of you that searches for adventure, too.